News for week of the 6th September

News for week of the 6th September

We sometimes let disagreement ruin our lives. We hold onto it like some sort of special thing that needs protecting. It doesn’t, let it go…

Matthew expounds us to have it out with our brothers and sisters who have upset us in this weeks Gospel. 

“If your brother does something wrong, go and have it out with him alone, between your two selves. If he listens to you, you have won back your brother.”

matthew 18:15

The central message of this reading is to try to win your brother and sisters back if you have fallen out or if they’ve done something with offends you. If they don’t listen, check with others and if they agree with the offence – they can come with you and support you. But, if they don’t… listen to what they say – perhaps it’s you who is wrong. 

If they do support you, and your brother or sister will still not listen then let them go, let them get on with it and concentrate on your own relationship with God. 

Your own relationship with God does call on you to engage with others who disagree with you, but if that disagreement cannot be healed then simply walk away from it. 

That disagreement will grow, will fester and it will become a thing all of itself. It does you and the community of God no good at all.

Holding on to offence or upset can become its own idol. 

We concentrate more on the offence than on the love of Christ in our relationships with others. If someone else is wrong and wont correct themselves – so what! Treat them like a tax collector!

Fr. Matthew