St. Anselm, Hayes
  • St. Ansem, Hayes. UB3 4DF

St. Anselm, Hayes


The church building has been closed for some months now, but we have exciting news. As of the 26th July we will be re-opening! More information can be found in our news section and details will be posted on measures that have been taken to keep everyone safe.

St. Anselm’s, Hayes is situated right on the High Street, the church building is a place for prayer, praise and meditation, and is kept open as much as possible outside of the regular service times.

If you just want to pray or light a candle, do feel free to come into the church. There are 3 stations where votive candles can be lit, The Sacred Heart, The Shrine of The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Anselm’s Shrine and The Sanctuary Steps.

If for any reason you can’t get to the church, arrangements can be made to bring THE BLESSED SACRAMENT to you.