A message from Fr. Matthew

Dear friends,

Over the last two weeks we have been streaming services live from St. Anselm. It’s really been appreciated by a large number of you and it’s terrific to have that connection. However, it’s become clear that the current sound system does not want to play ball. This morning was the last straw and I’m afraid I couldn’t even get the recording to work – never mind the live stream.

We are extremely fortunate that a very generous person donated a large sum to enable live streaming at St. Anselm. That work is due to be completed at the end of September and in addition to that we’ve secured funding to upgrade the sound system. 

I can now tell you this will happen in the next month or so. Given all of this I’ve taken the difficult decision to suspend live streaming until that is done. 

The good news is that live streaming will continue at St. Mary’s in Kenton where we were all so welcome over the lockdown. You can watch the live stream via their website here.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience – it’s much better to sometimes admit defeat and to save your energy to pursue something else… shaking the sand from your sandals so to speak.

I’ll be in touch again soon with an update.

With all my love & prayer,

Fr. Matthew 

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Not everyone can get to church in-person. There are many reasons for this and whilst many feel that being in the building is central and vital to their worship – for others – being able to join remotely has been a real blessing. To aid that we try to stream Morning Prayer and Daily Mass and Evening Prayer every day. You can watch us live using the player above.

We are working to upgrade our streaming equipment and have received a very generous donation of £5000 to make that happen. Until that equipment is sourced and installed (not least the broadband connection!) we do our best with an iPhone and old sound system – we appreciate your patience as we get better at this.