News for week of the 13th September

News for week of the 13th September

Building work

Our new sound system is almost ready to be installed, a new webcam is going live and the church hall will soon be with us.

We’ve made huge progress over the last couple of weeks with the building, sound and vision projects at St. Anselm.

At last weeks PCC we approved a new plan (available for you to see at the back of the church) for the new church hall space in the old Our Lady of Walsingham Chapel. This new plan includes a full kitchen and an additional fire escape. This means we’ll be able to increase the capacity for concerts and the like in the main body of the church and will also give us a facility that will be easier to rent out. 

The new design does need to go to the Diocese to be approved (as we are now a listed building) which means we’ll be looking at completion of the project towards the end of February 2021, with work starting this side of Christmas. 

Our new webcam has also been delivered and will be installed – alongside the new sound system – in the last week of September. We’re hopeful this means that we’ll be live-streaming our services from the second week of October.

All of this work is happening for one reason – to improve our ability to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in Hayes. With this in mind I wonder what part in this mission you will play? Will you join the PCC at the APCM next month (11th October)? Volunteer for the new Sunday School (launching in the new year)? Offer to be our Children’s Officer, or to sit in church for a few hours so we can leave it open on Saturdays? There are so many ways God calls us to proclaim His Son’s message… what way is he calling YOU?

Fr. Matthew.