News for week of 30th August

News for week of 30th August

In last week’s gospel Jesus praised and rewarded St. Peter for identifying him. This week Peter is rebuked for opposing the cross, what does this mean for us?

In stark contrast to last week’s gospel Peter couldn’t have got it more wrong this week. But it’s understandable. Having just identified Jesus as The Messiah, Son of God – he now wants to protect Jesus and doesn’t want him to go to Jerusalem where he knows what he will face.

In doing this Peter is denying what must happen. Indeed so powerful is the temptation to Jesus to stay he says to Peter ‘get behind me Satan!’

He goes on, ‘You are an obstacle in my path, because the way you think is not God’s way but man’s.’

We are often faced with choices in our lives about our faith. Choices that result in bringing people to Jesus, and choices that perhaps make us more comfortable. 

Perhaps we don’t enjoy talking about Jesus with people outside church. But if God expects his Son to endure temptation, discomfort, derision, hatred, and death – what then does he expect of us? 

Should our discomfort in talking about Jesus to others stop us from doing so? Should that discomfort prevent us from picking up our own cross and following Jesus? Should we avoid these discussions simply because it is uncomfortable? 


We should embrace our cross, we should embrace the discomfort and learn to LOVE sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ every day with everyone we know!

Fr. Matthew

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