News for 7th August

News for 7th August

A new season, the next steps at St. Anselm.

Over the last two years I’ve been a blur of business and action. Enthusiasm and passion come very easily to me and St. Anselm needed that when I first arrived.

We’ve worked hard through various lock downs, various set backs and through significant building projects. 

But now, we enter a new season. It’s a season that we will share with a larger community. A season that will call for more calm and more peace.

Calm and peace are earned. Calm and peace are not simply the absence of noise and action, but are given to us after we have put in place things that enable that space to occur.

We have worked hard over the last two years to get to a place where that calm and that peace can now start to enter in to the life of this community.

We have a building that is cared for and doesn’t need any major emergency work. We have a community of people who step forward to help get things done and are willing to try new and different things. We have relationships with people like the Community Payback team which means our more difficult projects are taken care of. 

We can now turn our eyes to more peaceful paths to deepen our relationship with God and each other. 

As part of that new season, we’ll be introducing a new 8am said mass and a 6pm said evensong after Fr. Josiah joins us in October. 

Fr. Matthew


Other news

An huge thank you to Frs. Leslie and Nigel for saying mass whilst I was away on holiday. I know they love to be here with us and your wonderful welcome is a big reason for that; thank you all for taking such wonderful care of them both.

You’ll notice the outside of church is significantly tidier. This is due to the hard work of the Community Payback team who spend 8 hours with us each Saturday. Julie & Mark have been supervising the work each Saturday and directing the team to the important areas that need work. There is much still left to do and several jobs that are in progress (the railings!) Thank you to everyone who has made this work possible.

Thank you to Susan for steering the good ship St. Anselm over the last two weeks. Phone calls, emails, vicarage keys and access for works – it’s all vital stuff that keeps things going. Thank you. 

Change to the time for the BBQ at the vicarage on the 20th August: We will now be meeting 4pm – 7pm as Fr. Matthew has been asked to cover a wedding in Ruslip. 

Thank you for all the foodbank donations, please keep them coming in, the cost of living crisis is really starting to bite those most in need.