Churches in England are allowed to be open. This exception is granted because church buildings are considered safe. We take stringent measures to ensure the safety of all who attend – have a read of our COVID secure guidance here.

You can read the full guidelines from the government here.

‘Our churches are making a significant contribution to the personal resilience and inner strength of people which is much needed at this time. Many are hubs from which essential support is offered especially to those most in need, extending well beyond the faith communities which use them. This includes the regular provision of food; the care of the homeless; and being a place of peace and reflection (which is safe) for many whose living conditions are very limited. This will become more appreciated as the programme of vaccination increases. The vital link between prayer and action is important to maintain this service.’

Bishop John Sherrington of Westminster

We will be open as usual each and every day – a beacon of hope, love & comfort in difficult times. You can see our services listed on our calendar page.