COVID Secure

COVID Secure

What are we doing to keep you safe?

During the new national lockdown churches are being allowed to open for communal worship. I want to help you understand what we are doing to keep you safe and what you can do when you come to church to keep yourself safe.

Before you enter the building ensure you are wearing a face covering. If you do not, you may be asked to leave.

When you enter the church you’ll see an NHS Tracking form and QR code on the table.

It is very important that you either scan the code using the NHS tracking app or write down your details on the form provided so that the NHS can contact you should a member of the congregation contract COVID.

On Sundays there will be someone to help you do this, but during the week it is your responsibility to ensure you complete these details and I will check to make sure those attending daily prayer / mass / evening prayer have done so.

As soon as you come through the doors you’ll see our large signs encouraging you to keep 2m apart – Stay Safe, Pray Safe!

You’ll also see our automatic hand-gel dispenser. Place your hands under it and you will receive a healthy dose of alcohol gel which will kill the virus on contact. Please do this every time you come into the building.

On the floor throughout the church you will find ‘please wait’ stickers. These are places where you should wait if there are people in front of you.

They are placed 2m apart to give you an idea of how big a space that is.

You’ll also notice arrows which indicate the one-way system in church. You enter through the front door and leave via the side door. You’ll see clear signage in the church indicating which direction you should move in – please follow it.

When coming up for communion it is vital you use the ‘please wait’ signs as an indicator of how much space there should be between you and the person in front of you.

We are very lucky to have such a big space. Our COVID secure number is near 80.

Our chairs are placed in rows 2m apart and on each chair you’ll see a ‘please sit here’ sign.

These signs show where it is safe to sit if you are on your own. They also give you an indication of what 2m looks like – so if you come with your household (and can sit together) you can use these handy signs to figure out how far away you should be sat from other groups / people.

We are open because we are trusted to keep our space clean and safe. It is our responsibility to keep each other safe and to follow the guidance offered.

Stay Safe – Pray Safe.

Keeping things clean

Everyday we clean the church after Morning Prayer & Mass and Evening Prayer. This takes the form of ‘fogging’ which we do with a fogger supplied by a company called Electrox.

Fogging is a term used for the production of a fine spray, by a fogger containing a solution that has the ability to neutralise viruses and bacteria. You can find out more about our fogger and how it works by reading this PDF from Charles Farris or by watching this short video by the manufacturer.

We also ensure that all surfaces and touch points are cleaned using a spray that kills any bacteria or viruses each day.

The church is used on Wednesdays for foodbank – it is cleaned thoroughly before and afterwards.

Risk Assessment

We keep our risk assessment under constant review, formally revisiting it at our monthly PCC meeting. We ensure we keep up to date with the latest advice published by the Church of England on their website and follow it as closely as possible.

It is available to be viewed in church and you can download the latest version below.


If you have any questions about our procedures or risk assessment – you can contact us using the details on this page. Do not be afraid to ask us anything. If you think we could be doing something better – let us know. If you think we’ve missed something – let us know.