News for week of the Baptism of the Lord

News for week of the Baptism of the Lord


Being afraid.

We’re starting to come to the hard realisation that this pandemic is not going away any time soon. We’re starting to understand that this new variant is incredibly easily transmitted and this new knowledge is scary. 

That fear is understandable. For many, we’re starting to see quite how close this virus is getting. We are – perhaps for the first time – starting to see people sick first hand

The Prime Minister has assured us that the vaccine roll out is going well, indeed I saw this morning that one hospital in London did 6000 vaccinations in one day. We can take comfort in that knowledge and in those figures. But somehow, that cold knowledge doesn’t always lesson the fear and anxiety.  

It is a very great thing to reach beyond the figures and the reality of the world around us – and after contemplating it – reach the unchangeable love of God. 

But it is in that contemplation and in that prayer that we most fully start to find Gods inexhaustible love and comfort for us. 

God speaks to us not with facts and figures, not from a podium, but through the centre of our beings. He reaches out through time and space and embraces us so fully that we can not fail to feel His love and comfort. Be comforted.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

With the new variant of the virus rife in Hayes we must take as much care as possible in church. It is being cleaned everyday – but you must do your part as well. Always wear a face covering, make sure you sign in and keep at least 2 metres away from others at all times – especially at communion and after mass.

Please keep hold of your stamps for the RNIB Christmas Campaign, a box will soon appear in church.

You can now donate online via PayPal (click ‘giving’ on our website). This is a great way to give a one-off gift and helps us claim the Gift Aid. 

Don’t forget to consider setting up regular giving with the Parish Giving Scheme. Call 0333 002 1271 with your bank details to hand and quote our Parish Code – 230 623 503