2nd Sunday of Christmas

2nd Sunday of Christmas

A new beginning, 

a fresh start.

As much as that sounds like the title of a new Star Wars movie(!) we are starting a new year together and inevitably that prompts us to look back at the last year as we consider what needs to shift and change in the coming months.

For some, peering back at the past is painful and difficult – either because things outside their control have hurt them, or because they have acted in a way that they are ashamed of now or find difficult to image themselves doing. 

This is why the Advent confession is so important – and opportunity to put those things in the past before moving forward. But even if you’ve not been to confession you have an opportunity before you now to look afresh and start anew.

So why do we do that at this point in the year?

Yes, we do it because the calendar shifts, but we also do it because just a few short days ago Jesus was born once again in each and every one of us.

For many of us we are closer now to Jesus than at any other time of year and in that closeness we have the strength to look anew at those things we should not have done and to face the new year with renewed vigour and determination to live a better life. 

We don’t do this on our own of course – but in the sure strength of Jesus Christ. Not only do we have Jesus on our side as we start to walk a new path but we have each other as well.

That powerful encouragement of a friend at church who will pray for you as you face the coming year – whatever that is.

That powerful love of one friend for another as you set out on your next journey.

Pray for each other, and pray for me too.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

This Sunday (2nd January) Anthony will be with us one more time – not to play – but for us to give him his card and present – a moment to give thanks for all that he has given to us over the last year or so. He has lifted us up on high in music – he has encouraged us in our worship and he has loved us as we have loved him. Make a special effort to come and say thank you.

On Thursday we’ll have High Mass at 10am AND 6pm. The Epiphany of the Lord is a Solemnity – the highest of feasts – and in the old church these days were obligatory. Do try very hard indeed to be at one or other of the masses. 

The new foodbank is up and running at St. Anselm. We no longer work with the Hillingdon Foodbank so are more reliant than ever on your donations of food or money. Please bring food to mass on Sunday – we are short of meat, tinned fish, pasta and rice. 

Church remains open, clean and daily sanitised with all possible precautions in place. We will never close, we will never abandon those in need, we will always be here praying for and serving the people of Hayes.