News for Christmas Week

News for Christmas Week

Ye Lord we greet thee, 

born this happy morning.

Peace has arrived. Not just in our homes as the rushing & preparing for Christmas subsides and we rest with feet up – full of turkey and stuffing! But with the arrival of the baby Jesus in us. 

I’ve talked a great deal about the arrival of Jesus IN US rather than outside us over this Advent and this year I think it’s more important than ever to consider what that means in practice. 

We will sit this week and say goodbye to 2021. In some cases with great joy… I think we are all praying for a better 2022… but in other ways with sadness – Anthony leaving us is incredibly sad for us, but is the right thing for him (and for his future patients!)

We must use this time to reflect on the past year and what the arrival of Jesus in us causes to be different in the coming year.

What practical changes will you make in your life to more closely follow Jesus?

What practical changes will you make in the pattern of daily living to more closely follow Jesus?

What practical changes will you make in the way you think about people, Hayes and the world that will help you more closely follow Jesus. 

These are challenging questions, there are no easy answers. But, as you approach them know you have a home from which to pursue them – St. Anselm.

Fr. Matthew


Other News

A very quiet week in the Octave of Christmas as Fr. Matthew spends some time with his family in Wales. Do note a high mass for the solemnity of Mary Mother of God on the 1st January and that the Foodbank is open as usual.

Sunday 26th December is Anthony’s last day with us, do make a special effort to come and say goodbye to him after mass where we will share some drinks and nibbles.

Some of you may be aware I was planning drinks & nibbles at the vicarage after the carol service on Christmas Eve – I have decided to postpone this until the new year when we pray things may be a little better and we may relax a little more about mixing in small spaces. 

Church remains open, clean and daily sanitised with all possible precautions in place. We will never close, we will never abandon those in need, we will always be here praying for and serving the people of Hayes.