News for week of Sunday 15th November

News for week of Sunday 15th November

Small things.

Doing the small things makes an enormous difference.

Time and time again I find myself quietly reminding myself to do the small things. 

Perhaps it’s just my character – but I want to grab the world and change it – change it for good – for Jesus Christ and I want to do it all right now!

Of course, that’s utterly out of my reach (right now) but… big things are inevitably made up of small things. 

When I walk through Hayes and I see beggars and people struggling to make ends meet I want to solve all their problems. I want to pick them up, dust them off and set them on the right path. The reality is that people find themselves in difficulty on the streets for a variety of very complex reasons and my instinct to pick people up and dust them off can often do more harm than good. So, I remind myself to do the little things. 

I don’t throw my arms in the air in despair at the world, I don’t protest in Parliament Square, I don’t shout at those passing by ignoring the person in need. No, I sit next to them and talk, or perhaps I smile and ask their name. I ask if they’d like a warm drink or a warm meal. What is it they need right now? 

Then, through that first small act there’ll be another, and another and eventually something amazing will have happened. We’ll have achieved the impossible. 

During this lockdown we may often find ourselves wondering how we’ll get through it all. 

So… do the little things. Pray when you wake, pray when you go to bed. Say hello to Our Father whenever you pass the church or walk past the cross in your home. 

Do the small things, and the big things will surprise you.

Fr. Matthew


Other notices

The church is open everyday (except Saturday). The church will be open for Private Prayer for an hour after each streamed service. Jesus Christ will be present in the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar. Come and find peace and calm as we face lockdown together.  The foodbank and tutoring classes continue as usual on Wednesday & Fridays. 

Parish Giving Code – 230 623 503.
Call  – 0333 002 1271.