News for the week of 22nd November

News for the week of 22nd November

Good endings.

There are some things we’ll happy to see the back of.

This is the final week of the Church’s liturgical calendar. We say goodbye to 2020 with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. 

It’s a fairly new feast – put in place by Pope Pius XI in 1925 – to mark the final Sunday of the liturgical year. 

Pope Pius said that the most effective defence against the destructive forces of the age was the recognition of the kingship of Christ. He said that a feast celebrated by all on the same day every year is far better than any number of learned books or letters. 

First we do, then we understand.

If we’re honest I suspect we’re all fairly glad to see the back of this year. What a year it has been to be alive. But thankfully we have kept our focus on Christ – both in action and in word. 

We have been faithful to His call in our life and we have been dedicated in our service of others in His name. 

So this week, we must look back at what we have done and then turn to face what we know is coming – the joyous Good News in the birth of Jesus on the 25th December!

We can learn from the past year and use that knowledge to focus on what is coming. 

During Advent I will be sharing a number of reflections with you on the Lord’s Prayer. A prayer that pulls us through time right back to the feet of Jesus Christ Himself as he taught it to the disciples. 

Spend this week reflecting on the year past, those things that you could have been better at, those things that you have done well – and point them all to the kingship of Christ – all we do, and will do – is for Him.

Fr. Matthew


Other Notices

Fr. Matthew is on retreat this week and there will be no public services at St. Anselm. You are encouraged to join with St. Mary’s, Kenton – our old friends – each day via their website, and St. Martin’s in Ruislip via their Facebook Page

Thank you all so much for your kindness in donating goods to the church larder. We have helped so many people in the past few weeks – including a mother with a newborn, a man just out of prison and other very desperate and vulnerable people. Your generosity is God’s Love in action in the world. Thank you. 

Please do consider setting up Parish Giving (automatic payment of your donation to St. Anselm) which helps us more easily claim back tax from the Government. All you need to do is call 0333 002 1271 and quote our Parish Giving Code – 230 623 503.