News for Sunday 28th June 2020: The Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

News for Sunday 28th June 2020: The Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

It may be a while ago now … but can you remember Easter morning? We had not long been in “lockdown” and we had struggled through the most bizarre of Holy Weeks, unable to attend the Triduum and trying to put the bravest of faces on our Joy of The Ressurection. Can you remember the account from John’s Gospel as Simon Peter runs to the tomb to discover the linen cloths and Our Lord “missing”; and Mary weeping in the garden as Jesus approaches her and says her name? Jesus calls each of us by our name as we rejoice at the opportunity to re-enter our church building and celebrate the Joy of The Ressurection on Sunday 5th July (and hopefully, for every day thereafter!)

We have waited a long time, but the time is drawing nearer when we will be able to celebrate Mass together. It won’t be anything like “normal” – as we will have to maintain strict social distancing, hygiene, refrain from singing, no physical sign of peace and we WILL be restricted on the numbers of people we can safely accommodate … but there is light at the end of a very long tunnel. Perhaps we will just re-kindle some of that Easter Joy! Alleluia!

Saint Peter was, as we know from Matthew’s Gospel, the disciple of whom Jesus said: “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church.” So this Sunday we celebrate Saint Peter and Saint Paul, whose travels as a missionary, prolific letter writer and preacher following his conversion to Christianity places him very close to the foundations of our faith. Let us give thanks for these two great apostles, and hope that we can merely strive to follow their examples of sharing the Joy and the Good News of The Ressurection.  

Margaret Davies has brought the following YouTube webinar to our attention, which was part of the recent Refugee Week. 

David Griffiths (St. Mary’s)