News for Sunday 21st June

News for Sunday 21st June

“Do not be afraid!” We haven’t heard these words very often during this recent pandemic. It’s been “Stay Alert” , “Don’t put others at risk” or “Save Lives”. Yet this Sunday’s Gospel from Saint Matthew begins:

Jesus instructed the Twelve as follows: “Do not be afraid.”

How reassuring the words of Jesus are – and we know that he is with us still, present in the Blessed Sacrament, but always with his loving hand upon our shoulder, whispering the words “Do not be afraid”. There is little doubt that many people will have been afraid at different times over the past few months. Perhaps when a close friend or relative has been taken unwell or in hospital, or for our national or global situation generally, with the constant threat of Covid-19 and its indescriminate character. Yet, whatever the severity and nature of our fears, Our Lord and Saviour stands alongside us and helps us through each moment when we may be at our lowest ebb. Do not be afraid!

Father Edward writes:

Beloved Friends, this is a difficult time as we say farewell to a priest who in a short time, has become so special to so many of us. With Catherine and Edmund, the Cashmore family soon became the St. Mary’s Family – and brought many gifts to us all. The gift of priestly care, friendship, consideration. The gifts of technical skill so that for the first time in years we have a proper sound system and the web-casting in harmony with it.
More than all of that each of you will have a special thanksgiving, memory and joy from this Ministry. As we say farewell, we look forward to a proper party after lockdown ends; and we also assure this little family of our gratitude, love and prayers for this new chapter in their lives and in Father Matthew’s ministry as a priest. THANK YOU!

This Sunday is Father Matthew’s last Sunday as Assistant Curate at St. Mary’s and there will be a short presentation to him immediately after the 10.30am Mass. Tune in on Sunday morning via the web-cam to join in with the celebration of the Mass and to give thanks for all our blessings. Stay safe and well – and Do Not Be Afraid!

David Griffiths (St. Mary’s)