News for January 1st, 2023

News for January 1st, 2023

Alpha, Stay Curious.

We’re really excited to share that in January 2023 we’ll be running Alpha at St. Anselm in partnership with our dear friends at St. Edmund’s.

Thursday evenings (7:30pm) from January 19th at St. Anselm church hall. (UB3 4DF)

You’re invited.

You are invited to Alpha for a time of great food, even better conversation and talks that make you think.

If you come along, we won’t call you after, write, or ask you to pick up the cheque — the balls are completely in your court.

What have you got to lose?

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a place to explore the Christian faith in an easy and friendly environment.

There’s no cost, and no pressure. Just lots of great conversation and space to think.

Each session starts with food and a short talk. Then there’s plenty of time to share your thoughts.

There’s no follow up, charge, or pressure. No matter your background or beliefs, everyone’s welcome.

Head to our website to find out more

Fr. Matthew


Other News

We’re running Alpha from the 19th January. If you don’t know what Alpha is or want to sign up, head to the website at It’s a place to ask big questions about life, faith and love. We start each session with a hot meal and good chat.

A huge thank you to everyone who made Christmas at St. Anselm such a huge success. We saw over 50 people at each of our major services which is huge growth and very encouraging for the year ahead. 

You’ll have noticed our new coffee bike is now in place alongside our new cafe area. We’ll be advertising shortly for somebody to come and run the cafe on our behalf for a set daily fee – if you know of anyone who may be interested please speak to Fr. Matthew.

In the coming month we’ll be launching a new after school lego club, if you’d like to help or be involved please be in touch.

Fr. Josiah is organising our first family mass at the end of this month. If your child would like to take part, please speak to him. We’re very keen for children to lead the readings and the prayers – we have much to learn from them!

Parent and toddler group will return in January, details to be confirmed but look out for posters and leaflets to share.

Sunday School also makes a comeback from the first Sunday in February.