News for Christmas Day

News for Christmas Day

The Arrival.

A very merry Christmas.

It has been a momentous year in the life of St. Anselm. We have had high points and low points, there have been times when we’ve wondered if things were going to work out and there have been times we’ve shared happiness and joy at the new things happening.

We welcomed our new mission priest and his family, we’ve welcomed new people who have become part of our loving family and we’ve grown in both numbers and depth of love in Jesus. 

We have much to be grateful for and even more to be excited about. 

Christmas is a time to be excited, it is a time to put aside the cynicism and doubt we collect as we grow older and to re-capture the simple joy and expectation of children on Christmas Eve. 

Be happy. Be joyful. Be expectant of how things will improve in your life in the coming year. 

Most of all be joyful at the love of Jesus working in your life. When cynicism and doubt threaten to raise their ugly heads picture the Holy Family in the stable, surrounded by animals and embraced in their love for one another. 

Be peaceful, be full of love.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

All of us here at St. Anselm wish you a very happy and a very merry Christmas with all our best wishes and prayers for a wonderful new year. 

It’s a very quiet week in church, but please do use the calendar to pray at home. 

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make the church beautiful and welcoming over Christmas. People have been welcomed to a warm, clean and loving space, and that is down to a great deal of hard work – thank you. 

Don’t forget we’re running Alpha from the 19th January. If you don’t know what Alpha is or want to sign up, head to the website at It’s a place to ask big questions about life, faith and love. We start each session with a hot meal and good chat.