News for Easter 2022

News for Easter 2022

He is not here; He has risen!  

The empty tomb stands as a symbol of the greatest Hope and the greatest story ever told. 

Of a man who came to earth, was crucified, died, buried, descended into hell, and on the third day rose again!

He came to take away our sin, to bring us into a new life in God.

So as we start this journey together on Thursday evening, as darkness descends and altars are stripped. We must remember that darkness will never win, that it will always be cast out by the light.

The light will always win.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

An enormous thank you must go out to everyone who has cleaned and scrubbed the church over the last two weeks and to all those who donated and helped to build our beautiful altar of repose – with so many wonderful flowers.

It’s a very quiet week after Easter Sunday as you can see.
Fr. Matthew will be saying daily offices from the vicarage and encourages you to do the same at home. He will be contactable throughout the week as he takes some time to read and study.

What an huge treat is will be to have Anthony back with us for Easter Sunday! Make sure you come along at 10am on Sunday morning to once again hear our organ play out loud with some wonderful hymns!