News for All Saints

News for All Saints

All souls, 

why do we pray for the dead?

Some will tell you that praying for the dead is simply an exercise in futility. The person you are praying for is already dead, they’ve lived their life and presumably made their own decisions about that life, their actions and most importantly – their faith in Jesus Christ. What more can we do now they are gone?

The simple truth is that we know God is merciful. In multiple parts of scripture we have seen how His heart has been turned towards mercy by the intercession of those who love Him. Who have called out to Him and asked him to be merciful. 

We know that God does not work on our timetable. The fact that someone we know and love is dead and gone in this world, doesn’t mean they are dead and gone in the life of eternity. Our prayers reach God and He can easily put a new thought or direction in front of the person we are praying about.

Finally, our prayers comfort us here in this life. Praying for my Grandmother brings me peace and comfort – I know my prayers are heard and I pray that my Grandmother is now amongst the company of heaven – surrounded by all the saints and angels – and in turn I know that she will pray for me. 

When we are at the altar we are surrounded by the whole company of heaven – angels and saints unite around us as we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

If you could see that whole company of heaven surrounding the altar, if you could feel their presence, if you could hear their prayers – oh what a wonder it would be!

Pray for the dead, pray for your loved ones. Be at peace.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

There is a sheet at the back of church where you can leave your departed loved-one’s name for inclusion in the prayers on All Souls (2nd November, 7pm).  You can also email a name to Fr. Matthew directly. 

Thank you very much to Fr. Angus for looking after us on this special solemnity of All Saints. He is a loving friend of the parish and I know you’ll give him your usual warm welcome.

Please note mass on Thursday is in the evening, rather than the morning and that our All Souls mass is at 7pm on Tuesday. 

Confessions will be heard on Thursday evening at 5:30pm this week. 

If you enjoyed the choir last week, rehearsals for the Advent Carols starts on the 11th November straight after Parish Mass.