News for 22nd August

News for 22nd August

St Bartholomew the Apostle. 

When you’re a Priest people always turn to you at that moment in a pub quiz when a question about the bible or history comes up.

Inevitably you have to come up with how many books are in the bible (73 including the apocrypha – but the answer every quiz master wants to hear is 66). Or, you have to list the Disciples in alphabetical order… and that always brings me to St. Bartholomew because I always, without fail, forget him.

I’m not sure why because he was a remarkable man and died a remarkable death in service to the Gospel. 

After the Resurrection and Ascension (which he witnessed) Bartholomew travelled to India and Armenia – where he is credited with bringing Christianity in the 1st Century. 

He wasn’t welcome and ultimately met his death by being skinned alive – and for good measure – beheaded.

St. Bartholomew was a man who travelled widely and taught the faith – there are multiple early writings from India and Armenia from non Christians that tell his story and how diligently he worked to tell people about what he had been taught and what he had seen with his friend and saviour, Jesus.

It always leaves me feeling a little ashamed. I wonder how far I would really go to teach and bring people to Jesus. 

Fortunately it’s not a question I’ve had to answer, but there are so many Christians around the world who do – particularly in India and Armenia. 

I think I need to put more effort into remembering this remarkable Saint and imitating his witness.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

Parish BBQ at the vicarage – this Saturday (20th August) 4pm-7pm. There’ll be burgers and sausages available, please do bring something to drink and a deck chair. Everyone is very welcome indeed. 

Anthony is with us this Sunday! Come and join in with some wonderful hymns – all chosen by you. A nice little note… it was this Sunday last year that Anthony joined us for the first time.

We are very short of plastic bags / paper bags for the foodbank. Can you please bring some in on Sunday. Thank you.

We continue in our light August model as we take a breath ahead of a new term in September.