News for 17th October

News for 17th October

St Luke the Evangelist. 

It is fair to say that since I arrived in Hayes I have preached consistently on two things. 

Firstly, our love for one another – given to us through Jesus Christ – which makes us a family beyond any earthly understanding.

Secondly, that that love is so great and so life-changing that we can do nothing except share it with the world. 

St. Luke the Evangelist is ascribed with being the author of both Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He’s mentioned several times in scripture – most notably perhaps in Colossians where he is referred to as a physician.

It’s thought that whilst he wasn’t a personal witness to Jesus Christ he was part of the great 70 who were sent out – and certainly that he was an eyewitness and participant of the great evangelisation of the world started in the Acts of the Apostles.

He is considered to be the first icon painter – his icon our Our Lady and Jesus is still the model of the image we have of her and the baby Jesus today.

Whatever the truth of the details of his life it is clear that he found a faith in Jesus Christ and then shaped his entire life around it.

He went out into the world and did everything in his power to bring people to know and love Jesus Christ.

He used whatever tools he had to hand to do that – icons, the written word – gifts given him by God that he then deployed in the world for the good of all mankind. 

It prompts us to consider what part we play in the great evangelisation of the world, what gift we bring to that work and what we can do to help bring people to Jesus. 

Fr. Matthew


Other news

It’s our last choir practice before the new choir sings the Anthem next Sunday. Don’t worry if you’ve not been before. come along and get the hang of it before next Sunday. Please do make a special effort to come. 

The Rosary mission has had a slower than hoped for start. We’ve given away just over 200 rosaries and had some wonderful conversations with people on the streets – but a lack of volunteers for keeping the church open has made things harder. Do please look at the rota and see what you can do to help. 

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children are holding a meeting with us on Wednesday at 7pm in the church hall. Find out how you can help save the lives of children in the UK. Leaflets with details at the front door.