News for 10th July

News for 10th July

Thank you, that is all!

I write each week with a short message that I hope will open something within you to the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Often I write about a Saint who we will be celebrating that week – but this week I’m writing about Saints far closer to home – you!

Thank you all so so much for the donations of money, of items that were in desperate need – for your prayers, your messages of support and your continued love and patience with your crazy Priest who has too much energy for his own good! 

I love you all, thank you. 

Fr. Matthew


Other news

(THESE ARE VERY URGENTLY NEEDED NOW PLEASE DO DIG DEEP!) Items needed for Food Bank & Church Larder:
Tins of meat & fish, baked beans, plastic bags. PLEASE DO BRING A FEW TINS ON SUNDAY IF YOU CAN.

A quiet week of services due to interviews for our new mission priest on the 12th & 13th July. On the 12th the candidates will be in the parish and joining us for Morning Prayer & Mass, on the 13th we’ll be interviewing in central London with Bishop Jonathan. Please continue to pray for the right candidate to be made known to us.

An enormous thank you you everyone for the support of money, donations of flip flops, candy and other wonderful things to take out to Poland – they were very well received indeed! We are back in the parish safe and sound and I’m sure many of you will look forward to meeting our new friends living at the vicarage. 

Summer BBQ at the vicarage. Catherine, Edmund and I will be hosting a BBQ at the vicarage on the 20th August from midday until 4pm. You are all very warmly invited.