News for 17th July

News for 17th July

An exciting moment. Welcome Fr. Josiah!

After two years of hard work we have found a Mission Priest for St. Anselm.

Fr. Josiah will licensed by Bishop Jonathan at a special service at 4pm on the 2nd October later this year, subject to the usual legal checks.

A few words of introduction from Fr. Josiah: 

Born in Cape Coast, Ghana. I was educated in Adisadel College, an all male Anglican College established in 1910 by the then Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG). 

After completing I did voluntary work for three years and was later given admission to the St. Nicholas Seminary in Cape Coast, Ghana. I was ordained into the diaconate in June 2007 and priested in the following year.

I served as a parish priest in three different parishes in Ghana within a period of 10 years and have now served as Assistant Priest in St. Matthew Ashford and St. Mary Stanwell since October 2019. 

It is a real joy to be part of this wonderful ministry in Hayes specifically in St. Anselm to partner with Fr. Matthew to pray, discern, learn, share and allow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to direct all of us through the power of the Holy Spirit. My main goal is to serve and help bring the love and special grace of God to you and the good people of Hayes and to help in the mission and vision of St. Anselm through team work and love for all. 

I am married to Gertrude and we have been blessed with three children, Emmanuel, Josiah and Abadua. 

I love classical music, football, reading and movies.

Fr. Josiah & Fr. Matthew


Other news

Thank you to you all for bringing food in for the foodbank, we are once again up to full stock – but be ready for the next appeal! Consider bringing in the odd tin each week, that will help us keep topped up. 

Summer BBQ at the vicarage. Catherine, Edmund and I will be hosting a BBQ at the vicarage on the 20th August from midday until 4pm. You are all very warmly invited. 

A quiet week, due in part to training on Wednesday & Thursday, and also because I’m leaving for holiday (2 weeks) on Friday.  I’ve also decided to cancel daily mass on Monday and Tuesday due to the extreme heat that is forecast, please do focus on saying your offices at home and praying for those who will struggle. 

I will be away on holiday for the next two Sundays and Frs Leslie and Nigel will be here to look after you. Please do give them your usual warm and loving welcome.