Loving One Another

Loving One Another

I speak to you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Today our reading talks about love. Love for one another, showing love to our brothers, our sisters, showing love to the people we come across.

Beloved in Christ, at every point in time, love must be exhibited.

In fact, I always prefer to get us get a better understanding about this kind of love. The Greek speaks a whole lot about love, different kinds of love. But this particular love is the kind of love which is unconditional. And it is said in Greek as agape.

The love that is not about because.

Someone has done something good for me, I also do the same thing to that person. But this is the kind of love.

Where we are even admonished to love our enemies, to love those who want to kill us. This is the kind of love that Jesus always expects us to show. And this kind of love does not destroy others because they are doing the right thing. And the first reading said that peer, what did Kane do? Cane killed the brother because he thought.

That the brother had got in favor in the eyes of God because the.

Brother had done something good.

And because of that he decided to kill the brother Abraham.

So this is trying to tell us.

That every step that we take as.

Christians we must be showing love to one another in the sense that whenever a friend of ours, whenever a brother of ours is doing something good, we must be encouraged. We must be encouraged. We must use that opportunity to think about ourselves, to think of the things that we are doing and take decisions and decide that all this brother is doing a very good thing. And I think that I can also learn something from him. This kind of love is devoid of hatred. This kind of love is the kind of love where we are interested in building up each other. We are interested in building up the life of a brother, the life of a sister, the lives of people that we come across. A lot of the goals who love have life and those who love not are still dead.

I saw a very interesting thing in social media and it’s talking about the.

Fact that the trees that we have.

Around us and the flowers that these.

Trees come up with, they don’t do that to sort of justify themselves, but they do that so that you and I can leave. They give us oxygen and even human beings, we break out carbon dioxide and this is what these plants will also need to grow. And that we don’t do it for ourselves, but we do it for others. And continues to say that the rivers, the water that we have in rivers, the rivers don’t drink the water themselves, but the water is there for us.

To be able to drink.

So this tells us that. And it says that that hand does not even sun shine on itself, it shines on Abbey. So it means that everything that we do which is done in love, it is to abe. So if you love, it means that whatever you do, you do it to the benefit of others and not ourselves. Because if we do not do something to benefit the other as I said.

About the tree, oxygen and carbon dioxide coming from the breadth of human beings and oxygen coming from the tree, when.

We give carbon dioxide, we give it to the trees.

And the trees in tent will also.

Give us oxygen so that we can live. So love is something that shows away death. When we love, it helps all of us to live. Because if one collapses on the road and nobody comes to the person’s feet, the person may die. But if somebody is able to go to the age of this person so basically it’s about complimenting each other. Whatever you have, you should be willing to share with a brother. Whatever knowledge, whatever you have be in money, food, whatever, you should be willing to share with one another. And that is where God is educated. And the reading tells us that it should not be rhetorical, it should be practiced.

We must act on it.

Love is about acting with all our hearts, doing what is good for our brother and our sister army can beloved.

In Christ, let us pray to the.


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