Holy Mary, Mother of God

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Numbers 6:22-27, Psalm 66,  Galatians 4:4-7, Luke 2:16-21

Today is the 1st day of the week, 1st Sunday of the Week, 1st day of the Month, and indeed the 1st day of the year. Today marks a new beginning and we are starting this new beginning with God. It is a special day, and it is very important for all of us especially with the coming of our saviour Jesus Christ to make all things new. We are also celebrating Mary; the Holy Mother of God and it also marks a new stage in the life of Mary because she has given birth to Jesus Christ who is the son of God in no other place than a stable. We cannot fathom what is going on in the mind of Mary as she thinks of all that the angel of the Lord had said to her about this baby of hers. 

As we have now entered the new year, we will also be thinking of what God has instal for us, our own expectations and or anticipations. What our new year resolutions are, how we are going to achieve our goals for the year, all that we have prayed for, the miracle and healing we have been waiting for. The previous year had its own sad moments especially with the call to eternity of our Queen HM Elizabeth II, the Ukraine war which has led to the loss of many innocent lives and the economic problems we are all facing, the disappointment, the pain, and the suffering. My beloved in Christ this is a new beginning, and a new page has been opened for us by Jesus Christ Himself and epistle from Galatians 4:4a says 

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son…” 

God has sent His Son to us to receive salvation so that we will no more be subjects of the law but be redeemed in order to become adopted sons and daughters of the Lord. Through this adoption we receive the spirit of Jesus Christ into our hearts. This spirit emboldens us so that we will be able to see God as our father and call him as such. This boldness is what should empower us to face the new year with hope and assurance that all will be well. It is very simple just believe and avail yourself to God. 

A slave remains a slave until he is bought, and this is exactly what Jesus has done for us so that we will be free. The Virgin Mary availed herself to the words proclaimed to her by the messenger of God and it came to pass, she did not doubt. 

As we begin the new year we must try and put the past behind us and look forward to the wonderful things that God has prepared for us. Let us forgive all those who have offended us and be at peace with ourselves. The Spirit of God is still at work in the assembly, and we must not be doubters so that we can experience Him fully.

We pray that this year will be a year of blessings where the Lord will bless us and keep us, his face will shine on us and be gracious unto us, may He uncover His face to us and bring us peace. AMEN