News for the week of Sunday 4th October

News for the week of Sunday 4th October

Rooted in the parish.

What does rooted in the parish mean in practice?

Since I arrived I’ve asked us to consider our mission within three guiding principles: 

  • Rooted in the Parish
  • Rooted in Scripture & Sacrament
  • Rooted in a Love of Proclaiming Christ

Last week we talked about how the live-webcam stream was part of our calling to proclaim Christ, but evangelism isn’t just about showing what we do, isn’t just about talking to people about Jesus and how He can change their lives – it’s also about how we show the great love that we receive in Jesus each week to everyone around us. 

What does that mean?

It means that we are open as much as we possibly can be – that people can wander by and hear a hymn and be called into the church building to meet Jesus.

It means that our front door is welcoming and open wide rather than locked shut. It means our garden is kept tidy!

It means that we are available to community groups who want to use the church building and it means that we are an active part of the parish; that we are represented on the various committees and groups around Hayes Town. 

It means that if anyone needs us we are easy to get hold it. 

It means that at all times and in all things people understand that we are there for them – in all things – and through that love and availability people will come to know the love of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Matthew

Other Notices

As we installed the new sound system we discovered some rather worry wiring. The wiring was a fire risk and we’re having it replaced this week. There’ll be disruption in church with a large scaffold tower and things may not quite run to time – keep an eye on the website / WhatsApp group for last minute movements or service cancellations. 

The new webcam is live! We’ll start to broadcast each service daily live and via catch-up via the website at 

The APCM will take place after Mass on the 11th October.