News for Sunday 23rd January

News for Sunday 23rd January

Sunday of the Word of God.  

In 2019 the Pope established this new day in the calendar – The Sunday of the Word of God. 

He did this because he wanted us to to revisit, celebrate, study, discern and share our Holy Scripture. 

The centrality of scripture to our everyday life can so easily be lost and so this is an annual reminder that it MUST be part of our everyday life and not something that we simply hear on a Sunday (if we’re listening!)

Pope Francis points out that this celebration is an ecumenical one because:

“… the Scriptures point out, for those who listen, the path to authentic and firm unity”

There is far more in scripture that unites us than divides us and the joint study and love of scripture opens up for us the life of Jesus and in doing so opens up for us the life that Jesus calls each of us to. 

The bible is not something to sit on a shelf untouched day-to-day but is something that should be read – often. It should be read alone in the quiet of your mind, and with others, as you discern what God is saying to you.

There are free bibles available at the back of church for you to take away and during Lent there will be a new home group that will meet each week to study together and refresh our understanding of the bible.

‘The word of the Lord, thanks be to God!’

Fr. matthew


Other News

A huge Sunday coming up with the Commissioning of Susan Chick as our new Lay Minister and the Confirmation of two of our dear friends who were baptised a few weeks ago (from the Parent & Toddler Group). Please make a HUGE effort to be with us on Sunday to celebrate this amazing day.

We are cleaning the church at midday on Saturday 22nd January – if you can spare an hour it would be hugely appreciated.

We’re looking for new volunteers to take on the flowers. Have you ever thought of having a go? It would be lovely to have a refresh once a month and around the big festivals. 

On Tuesday we have all been invited to St. Pauls for the consecration of Lusa as the new Bishop of Willesden. There will be no services at St. Anselm and I encourage you all to pray for the new Bishop.