News for Christ the King

News for Christ the King

Christ The King. 

Jesus enthroned.

When we think of Jesus as King I often wonder if we are missing a great deal of His teaching. 

Jesus told us time and time again that He wasn’t the King that the Jewish people were expecting – coming with horses and chariots to free them from the rule of the Romans.

He entered Jerusalem in triumph on Palm Sunday not with horses and chariots – but on the back of a donkey. 

So why then do we enthrone Him on this very special Sunday? Why do we show him upon a throne, decked out in regal attire and ruling over us as an earthly King?

The point of this elevation is to highlight Jesus as ‘Christ’ which in itself is a royal title meaning ‘King’ – although of course not in the way that the secular world understands (even Pilate misunderstands it when he called Jesus ‘King of the Jews’).

It is a way of understanding Jesus as King of Heaven and the world to come. He sits enthroned on David’s throne (Lk 1:30-32) as promised by the Angel Gabriel. 

The feast today marks the end of Ordinary Time, next Sunday we begin Advent and the start of another liturgical year.

We end Ordinary Time on a high – with a Feast and a celebration of Jesus Kingship. 

Fr. Matthew


Other news

This week you’ll find a sign up sheet at the back of church for Giving Envelopes. This is the most common way of giving here at St. Anselm and we are incredibly grateful for your weekly gifts. If you’d like Envelopes for 2022 please sign up on the sheet or see David (the new Envelopes even have our logo on them this time thanks to David!)

A huge thank you to everyone who came to help with the Hayes Christmas Lights Turn On this Wednesday. The school choirs were absolutely brilliant and a great time was had by all. There’s a video & photos of the service on our website.

Choir practice after mass today (28th), grab a coffee and come to sit around the piano quite quickly as it will be a short 45 min rehearsal so we can start PCC promptly at Midday.

PCC at 12pm today.

Christmas dates now available on leaflets at the door.