News for 30th January

News for 30th January

The Presentation of the Lord,  

or Candlemass, marks the official end of Christmas (40 days, just as with Easter). We will be taking down the tree at the back of church and packing away the lights for another year.

The Holy House Crib will be dismantled, cleaned and put safe ready for Advent 2022. 

We will give the church a deep clean and we will prepare to face the year ahead refreshed and rejuvenated by the 40 days of feast we have just enjoyed. 

I like to think this is how Mary and Joseph felt as they entered the temple with Jesus and encountered Simeon and Anna. 

Yes, they were there to fulfil the ritual observance of purification after childbirth – but it also marked the beginning of a new life as a family out in the world.

This is our opportunity to put behind us the restrictions of COVID, to put behind us the constraints and necessary sacrifices that we have all had to make and to start a new life as a family of Jesus out in the world.

This week I’ve met with other Priests in Hayes and we are rapidly developing plans for a walk of witness on Good Friday and a day of fellowship, prayer and celebration on Pentecost. 

This is the moment for us to present ourselves to Hayes – to throw the doors wide and invite in all of those who have been broken by COVID and the associated constraints. 

To be the Simeon’s and Anna’s as they come to church for the first time. To welcome them and to see in each and every one of them Jesus Christ. 

Fr. Matthew


Other news

I don’t know about you but i’m still excited after last Sunday. Our wonderful confirmations and the commissioning of Susan as our Lay Minister. Susan is going to be responsible for the prayer list in the future, so if you would like to add someone or take them off please do contact her with her new details on the front of the pew sheet. 

Relaxation of COVID rules: With the (what we all hope is the final) relaxation of COVID rules we are going to re-start visiting – please contact Susan if you’re aware of anyone who needs a pastoral visit or the sacrament at home.

At Easter we are planning on reinstating the common cup at mass. If you would like to be part of the team that administers the cup can you please speak to Fr. Matthew as everyone needs to be re-licensed by the bishop.

Please note changes in this weeks mass times (especially Thursday) and a High Mass on Wednesday for Candlemass. Do bring your candles for blessing.