News for 30th April

News for 30th April

God wants you, can you hear Him?

The fourth Sunday of Easter is often called ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’ and is a moment were we are asked to listen and hear God’s call in our life.

In particular we’re asked to listen to the voice of God to discern a calling to the Priesthood.

Being a Priest is a sacred path that God places on your heart. It involves sacrifice and hard work. It involves much love and happiness. It involves hurt and pain.  

As a Priest you are called to serve and to be a good shepherd. A good shepherd will ensure that his flock is taken to water, to good food and is always protected from those who wish harm them.

That means that a good Priest will take his people to the mass, will take his people to scripture and will pray for his people and protect them from evil. 

Does this sound like something that God is calling you to? 

You don’t need a university degree, you don’t need to know theology, you don’t need to be young – you just need to be able to hear the call of God and feel Him placing His call on your heart.

Be in touch with me if you’d like to talk more.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

There is a PCC meeting this Sunday at 11:15am immediately after mass in the church hall. The APCM will be at 11:15am on Sunday 21st May.

We will be open on Saturday 6th May to show the Coronation service live from Westminster Abbey on the big screens at the front of church. There’ll be tea & cake and I’m sure much merriment! Come along and join in.

Fr. Matthew is to be made vicar of the parish at a special service with Bishop Jonathan on Sunday 21st May at 3pm here at St. Anselm’s. He will be organising a big party afterwards and the 59 club (and all their motorbikes!) are being invited as he will also be being commissioned as Chairman of the club at the same service. Please be in touch with him if you would like to help with organising the party afterwards.

Please sign up for Parish Giving (which is a wonderful way to support St. Anselm and helps us claim more money from the government) Go to or call the Parish Giving Team directly on 0333 002 1271 quoting our parish number, which is: 230 623 503.