News for 18th September

News for 18th September

Death claims us all. But has no power over us.

It has been a very difficult week for many.

Our Queen has died and that seemed impossible. Her Majesty had somehow claimed immortal status in many of our minds. So her death has caused shock and a great sense of sadness and loss. 

I have seen it in the hundreds of people who have come into church this week to light a candle, say a prayer and watch the live stream of Her Majesty lying in state in Westminster Hall. 

For many it has reminded us that death is a reality that none of us can avoid. 

As a great wit once said, ‘there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes’!

But the thing about the reality of death is that as Christians we know – for certain – that it has no power over us. 

Yes we will leave this earthly life, but in doing so we will make our way to the heavenly life (we pray).

That is why it is so vital that we pray for the souls of the dead. 

We pray that when they face the final judgment they will be held in the infinite mercy of God our Father and enter His kingdom.

Her Majesty may have left this kingdom, but an even greater one awaits.

Death, hopelessness, despair – they all share the same root – BUT – we destroy them, they have no power over us because we believe in Jesus Christ and in Him we are saved.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

Alexander will be returning to church this Sunday (and indeed for the coming Sundays) as our new organist. Please do make him feel welcome and get those singing voices in tune!

2nd October at 4pm – we will be licensing and commissioning Fr. Josiah into St. Anselm at a special service of Evening Prayer & Benediction with Bishop Jonathan. I’d like to throw a huge party for him afterwards – Can you please sign up to help provide food on the sheet at the back of church or let Fr. Matthew or Susan know what you can do to help.

With our new organist starting we need to look to our giving.  Strictly speaking we can’t afford Alexander, but we step out in faith and I know that you will look to increase your weekly giving to enjoy his amazing music here at St. Anselm. A small increase of £2.50 will enable us to continue to have live music on a Sunday morning.