News for 18th February

News for 18th February

Praying in Lent

It is essential to note the importance of prayer in the spiritual life of every Christian. When we are in Lent, Prayer becomes even more crucial because our focus is always on God.

Lent is a period where we focus on prayer, penance, fasting, and almsgiving. Most of the time, when we hear about Lent, all that may come to mind is fasting, and we tend to forget about the other things that come with Lent to make this holy period blissful. Prayer is an integral part of Lent and is essential in our Christian journey. 

We pray during Lent to ask for God’s unmatched mercy and love. When we pray, we establish a relationship with God, allowing us to tell Him who he is to us, praise Him, present our humble request to Him, and express our appreciation. When we fail to pray, our relationship with God breaks down. 

Our relationship with God, i.e. the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is that of speaking to him and listening. When we pray during Lent, we meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that led to man’s salvation; this helps us connect and cement our relationship with God.

It is worth noting that prayer is the lifeblood of every Christian and must be the foundation of our spiritual life. Martin Luther wrote this clearly: “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Let us not belittle the importance of prayer because it is our way of communicating with our maker and opening ourselves up for his response. Let us not worry too much, rather, we must speak to the Lord in prayer because “the fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16b)

Fr. Josiah

Other News

The Torfaen Male Voice Choir, The Internationally acclaimed Welsh Male Voice Choir Present an Evening of Amazing Male Voice Music on Saturday 9th March at 7pm here in St. Anselm. Early Bird Ticket is £3 Standard Ticket is £4 and On The Door Ticket is £5. Tickets and more information at

The funeral services of Lisa Welch is on Friday 23rd February, Late Wayne Campbell is on Tuesday 12th March at 11:00am and that of the Late Simone Gomez will take place on 13th March at 1:30pm, here in St. Anselm.

We need more people to read in church, so if you are interested please sign up on the sheet at the entrance or speak to Susan.

We are encouraging those who would like to be volunteers of the Boys’ Brigade to please speak to Fr. Josiah. Ladies and gentlemen are welcome.

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