News for 17th December

News for 17th December

Carols, & powerful joy of Jesus!

As I sit to write this week I am smiling as I think of singing out loudly at the Ace Cafe this morning.

We left St. Anselm at 8am and arrived at the Ace to tea, coffee, and bacon sandwiches (well I did!)

A group of people who had never met congregated and started to practice Hark The Herald Angels Sing 

We were lucky to have a great guitar player with us and even luckier to find someone who could play the drum. I say drum… it was an upside down empty tub of Hellmann’s mayonnaise!

We did not sound glorious. 

We were not note perfect, we were gruff, out of tune and by any professional standard – a very poor choir. 

But the smiles on our faces were enormous! The simple act of singing together brought out joy that was hidden somewhere deep down inside. Somehow, singing of the coming of Jesus enabled us to see one another in this joyful light and to put aside the usual London reserve. 

People watched us as they munched their own breakfasts and builders and businessmen alike looked up and smiled – and even joined in!

The reason we were singing was part of a BBC Radio London series on carol choirs across London and how they make people smile and feel included.

I love these moments of pure Christian joy when the love of Jesus is shown in it’s simplest form… joy.

Be joyful this week amongst the business ahead. If you feel yourself getting grumpy… just sing a carol!

Fr. Matthew


Readings for Sunday 17th December

Other news

The Indian Orthodox church who use the church on Sunday afternoons have invited us to join them for carols by their children and some refreshments THIS Sunday 17th December, 3pm – 5:30pm. Fr. Matthew & Fr. Josiah will be in attendance.

Holy Hour will be at 5pm on Sunday and I really encourage you to come to this last one before Christmas. An hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament will put you in exactly the right place for the busy period ahead.

Services for next Sunday and for Christmas Day are listed on the pew sheet and on the website. Do try to come to the carols and crib service at 3pm on Christmas Eve. It’s a lovely service that will warm your heart ahead of the big day.

Midnight mass will be as usual at 11:30pm on Christmas Eve – a power service to welcome and celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ!

Please support the church generously this Advent through your giving.