News for 16th October

News for 16th October

Evangelism, It’s not a dirty word. 

I’m sure that at times you get sick to the back teeth of me going on about evangelism. Or rather, you get sick of me writing, preaching and teaching telling you to go out and tell people about Jesus. 

We pray that more people will come to know Him every day at mass, but we also have to DO it. Pray, then do – that’s how we build the church and in doing so build Christ’s body here on earth. 

I know that talking to people about Jesus can be tough. People don’t want to hear it. They’re quite happy to sit and gossip with you about Doreen down the road who hasn’t washed her front step for two weeks or some other social misdemeanour, but to sit and talk about their eternal life is just a step too far. 

Why? Well because whilst Jesus calls us as we are – exactly as we are – as we get to know Him we are drawn into a relationship that compels us to become more like Him, rather than more like us… and who wants to be told that!?

We are called to change. It’s not a case of being told that what we are doing or how we are living is wrong, it’s a case of discovering that there’s a much, much better way of living and that a life lived following Jesus is a life that results in an eternal life beyond imagining. A life that lifts us from whatever the world throws at us and raises our gaze heavenwards.

So try to talk to some friends about Jesus this week, be like St. Luke the Evangelist. A disciple of Jesus who called people to Him by showing them the amazing life that awaited them. 

Fr. Matthew


Other News

Did you know you can support the parish by giving via Direct Debit? It’s super easy to set up and you can control it over the phone or via the website. It has a HUGE upside for the church as it means we automatically collect the Gift Aid on it (at no cost or fuss to you, the money comes direct from the Government). There are currently only 4 of us set up for Parish Giving but that brought in over £600 in additional Gift Aid last year, imagine if we were all doing this!

You can set it up by calling 0333 002 1271 and giving them our Parish Giving Code – 230 623 503 

Envelopes are still also available – please do speak to David if you don’t have a giving envelope and would like to help fund our mission.

We’re currently planning services for Christmas, if you have any requests or ideas please do speak to Susan, Fr. Matthew or Fr. Josiah. 

Morning Prayer & Mass return to their usual times this week and streaming of those services resumes.