News for 14th May

News for 14th May

Holy Bikers, the 59 Club is coming.

As I’m sure you all know by now I am a keen motorbiker. I’ve travelled all over the world on two wheels and I love the freedom and joy it brings.

Some people are surprised that bikers are often Christian. But for me it comes as no surprise at all… I think I’ve prayed my hardest as I’ve come around a corner on the motorbike just a little too fast and I’m battling to get the front wheel to go where I want it!

Over the last year or so I’ve been involved with a London biker club called The 59 Club. 

The club was started as a youth project by Fr. Bill Sherwood in 1959. 

He was concerned that these rough lads racing around the North Circular at 100mph had nowhere to go, they were excluded from everywhere. 

He very nervously turned up at The Ace Cafe one evening and handed out leaflets for his youth group. The rest is history.

The club has had a few years in the wilderness but is being revitalised by some of the old boys and an injection of new young blood.

They’ve also been daft enough to make me their Chairman. 

In the coming months you’ll see The 59 Club coming to St. Anselm for monthly meets in the evenings – including a BBQ and the new coffee bike. 

We’ll be inviting the members to come to our services and will arrange special events for them over the summer. 

This is a great opportunity for us to reach out to people who would not normally come to St. Anselm and I know you’ll welcome them with as much warmth as I do.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

Due to an administrative error the collation of Fr. Matthew as Vicar on the 21st May has to be postponed to the 24th September at 10am. The Bishop’s office are incredibly sorry, but the right paperwork wasn’t in the right place at the right time and so we can’t go ahead. Mass on the 21st May will be at the usual time of 10am with the APCM at 11:15am. 

We are launching a new Sunday School after mass on Sundays from this week. Fr. Josiah will be working with the children as they prepare to lead our Pentecost Sunday service. Please speak to Fr. Josiah for more details.

Please sign up for Parish Giving (which is a wonderful way to support St. Anselm and helps us claim more money from the government) Go to or call the Parish Giving Team directly on 0333 002 1271 quoting our parish number, which is: 230 623 503.

Over the coming weeks we will be arranging various dates for our little coffee bike to be visiting events in the parish as well as opening one evening a month for 59 Club motorbike meets. We plan to offer basic food at these meets and if you’d like to volunteer to help we’d like to give you Food Hygiene training (at our cost). This training is valuable elsewhere and is recognised across the catering and hospitality industry. Contact Fr. Matthew for details.