News for 12th May

News for 12th May

St. Anselm Foodbank

St. Anselm Church operates a food bank, which has helped many individuals and families struggling to feed themselves to have access to food during the official opening hours or anytime the church is open. Independent foodbanks like St. Anselm foodbank number about 1,172, and Trussell Trust Foodbanks are around 1,400 in the United Kingdom.

The Department for Work and Pension (DWP) reported in 2023 that 3% of people in the UK used a food bank in 2022. This percentage is expected to rise, hence the importance we must attach to our food bank here in St. Anselm. An average of 20 individuals and families use St. Anselm’s food bank every Wednesday, apart from those who come in on other days. 

What makes St. Anselm Food Bank easy to use is that we do not take vouchers to give out food. We give food to anyone who comes through the church doors needing it and offer people the opportunity to chat, have a cup of coffee, and socialize, which is very good for our mental health. You can use the St. Anselm food bank without a referral because we are a church, and this is a gift to the community of Hayes.

Our foodbank relies on donations from you, some community members, St. Edmund’s Foodbank in Yeading, and Nuffield Health, including cash donations from specific individuals. We are fortunate to have very dedicated volunteers who are always ready to help those who use the foodbank with love and smiles. For the foodbank to continue to serve the people in our community well, we will need your support and prayers.  “For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger, and you invited me in.” (Matthew 25:35)

Fr. Josiah

Other News

Please be informed that our Annual Meeting of Parishioners and APCM is scheduled to take place on 19th May. As part of the processes leading to that, the PCC will revise the Church’s Electoral Roll. Please let them know if any names should be removed or take a form from Greta if you want your name on the electoral Roll.

We will need some donations for the food bank in the coming days. Your support will be appreciated.

The Nomination Forms for election as Churchwarden and PCC Member of the Parish are ready. Please see PCC Secretary Jackie for a form.

Please support the church generously through your giving at