News for 10th March

News for 10th March

The Gift of a Mother

God, in His infinite mercy, has given us a mother. Some of us still have our mothers around; some might have lost their mothers after birth, but the point remains, which is we all have a mother. A mother is a gift that God has given to all of us, and we must appreciate and cherish them because their role is vital. A mother is an excellent gift from God himself and He alone. God has bestowed on us many gifts, but the gift of a mother is unique, which is why it is important to cherish and celebrate.

God made the Blessed Virgin Mary a mother through the Holy Spirit’s power; through this, we receive salvation. The Blessed Virgin Mary sacrificed everything for the baby Jesus, which is what every mother does: sacrifice everything for the child. At the birth of a baby, all that the mother thinks of is the child’s well-being, even to the detriment of her own life. 

 No mother can say that she does not go through trials; every mother goes through it. To be honest, mothers have worries, challenges, struggles, pains, failures and many more, but they are always focused, and their main aim is to make their children better people. Because of this, they put all their difficulties aside and press on to reach their goals. Amanda Idleman, contributing to the article ‘5 Ways Mothers are Truly a Gift from God’ (April 19th, 2023), wrote “Mothers lay down their bodies, give up their sleep, cry many tears, pray so many prayers, and hope daily that God writes a good story for our kids. Sometimes, we hope this despite our failings.” While reading this, I began to reflect on how my mother could take care of me and my five siblings. A mother is a gift indeed. Mothers, you are indeed a blessing.

Other News

The funeral services of the late Wayne Campbell is on This Tuesday 12th March at 11:00 am and that of the late Simone Gomez is on this Wednesday 13th March at 1:30 pm, here in St. Anselm.

If you want to be baptized or know somebody who want to be baptized on Easter Sunday, please see Fr Josiah for a baptism form.

Please take note of the services for Palm Sunday and Holy Week: 

24th March – Palm Sunday – 10am, The Children will be building the Easter Garden after Mass

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week – 3pm, Stations of the Cross, 7pm Confessions and 7:30pm High Mass

28th – Maundy Thursday – 8pm High Mass of the Lord’s Supper with Washing of feet

29th – Good Friday – 3pm Liturgy of the Passion with Veneration of the Cross

31st – Easter Sunday, Easter Mass with Procession – 10am

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