12th September

12th September

Exaltation of the Cross 


In many ways it is an odd thing for Christians to exalt an instrument of torture. The very instrument that was responsible for the death of Our Saviour.

An instrument that has killed so so many people and continues to be used as a way to kill Christians around the world today.

The first reason we rejoice in the Cross is because it was transformed from an instrument of torture and death into the path of redemption for the whole human race.

The second reason is because it is so viscerally an image of the reality that our faith is not an abstract one – not somewhere ‘out there’ – but a real and physical faith that has consequences in ours – and others – lives.

It symbolises God’s real intervention in the world – a real historical event with real people in the real world with a real execution on a real cross. 

We can sit and read books about it, we can sit in adoration before it, we can theorise about it, we can discuss it, we can meditate on it… but ultimately none of these things impact on the reality of the history in which it is built. 

The Cross is the most real symbol of our faith. It should drag us back to our faith when we waiver, it should bring us up short when we start to spend too much time in our head thinking about our faith. It should drag us down in to the mud of our real faith. 

The consequences of that understanding may take a lifetime to understand.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

You’ll notice some changes to daily mass and evening prayer on Monday and Tuesday. For the next few weeks I have agreed to cover the mass at St. Martin’s in Ruislip as they continue in vacancy. So daily mass here will shift to the evening and there’ll be no public morning prayer. Next Tuesday is the Exaltation of the Cross – no Evening Prayer here but there is a concelebrated mass at St. Thomas in Kensal Town which you are warmly invited to attend. Mass as usual here that morning. 

I am in desperate need for a volunteer to help with the new parent and toddler group for the coming month as I need to cover masses elsewhere. Cynthia can open up etc, but I really need someone who can make tea & coffee and help set up / take down with the children.

I’m still looking for volunteers to help with the Rosary Mission (keeping the church open, providing tea & coffee etc) 10th – 24th October and to help run the Sunday School – we can’t start a Sunday School until I have some volunteers. Please be in touch.