We need a new Director of Music

We need a new Director of Music

We are looking for a new Director of Music at St. Anselm in Hayes. For the last six months we have been blessed to have with us Anthony Wang – he leaves us to concentrate on his studies to become a doctor – our loss will be his future patients gain.

He writes of his time at St. Anselm,

From my first conversation with Fr Matthew about becoming Music Director at St. Anselm, his determination to develop music in Hayes was clear. Throughout my time here, he has been nothing but supportive of me, and his enthusiastic encouragement helped push me to be more ambitious in my plans, culminating in a very successful Christmas period with plenty of services for the people in Hayes to enjoy.

The congregation not only matches, but also surpasses Fr Matthew’s enjoyment of music in church. They responded very eagerly to the recruitment of a choir to sing anthems during Sunday Mass, approaching each rehearsal with full commitment, making it extremely rewarding to listen to them sing in services.

Working at St Anselm over the past six months has been unbelievably enjoyable. Besides boasting a very impressive organ that fills the building with its sound, I can say with confidence that it would be difficult to find a more responsive and supportive church community. I have made so many memories during my time here that will stay with me for a long time to come, and I look forward to seeing how music develops further at St Anselm under new leadership.

So now we need a new Director of Music – could it be you? We have a budget available and are happy to discuss that with you. We’re a growing church and more options open up to us each month as our numbers and income grow.

The important aspect of this role is that it is very much in your hands. We will encourage and support you in building out your own vision for music in this place. We are a traditional anglo-catholic parish with a wonderful organ (regularly serviced and maintained). We are very open to new ideas and new music. Our Sunday mass setting include Nardone, Thorne and most recently the CJM Festal Mass.

On Sundays we currently have one mass at 10am which contains four sung hymns with the organ, the mass setting, music during communion and a voluntary. All singing is led by the congregation. You can watch our usual mass via our YouTube channel which will give you an idea of where we are currently. In addition this Christmas season has included two carol concerts, carols for shoppers, a children’s choir anthem and an adult choir anthem.

You will have a free hand to build your own vision at St. Anselm – our only stipulation is that our aim with music is to bring people to Jesus in this place and to lift the hearts of those who do come to church towards Heaven.

If you would like to apply for this post, or if you would like to discuss it further please contact Fr. Matthew on 020 3882 0553 or email father@matthewcashmore.com

What is it like to be the Director of Music at St. Anselm in Hayes? Don’t take our word for it – hear what our outgoing Director thinks: