News for the week of 9th May

News for the week of 9th May

The Ascension

Taken up into heaven.

40 Days after His Resurrection Jesus was taken up into heaven. During these 40 days – just as we have been living them – Jesus spoke to many people, sat and ate with them, prayed with them, talked with them. 

We have celebrated these 40 days together and we continue to do so – just as the disciples did all those years ago. 

Luke tells us that after Jesus was taken up into Heaven, 

‘They worshiped him and went back into Jerusalem, filled with great joy, and spent all their time in the temple giving thanks to God.”

They were instructed to wait in Jerusalem until the coming of the Holy Spirit. 

That happened not long after at the event we call Pentecost – we celebrate it in two weeks on Sunday 23rd – the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told the disciples that whilst John had baptised with water they were (not many days from now) about to be baptised with the Holy Spirit.

We are part of that event through our own baptisms and part of that command to the disciples to become witnesses for Jesus and all He had taught us – not just in Jerusalem and in the places that Jesus had taught – but ‘to the ends of the earth’.

There’s a lovely ending to the reading in Acts recording this event. The disciples are left staring at the sky after Jesus has ascended as two men in white ask them why they’re still looking – telling them Jesus will return. In other words, stop watching and go do what He told you!

Fr. Matthew


Other News

The APCM is immediately after Mass today (Sunday 9th May). It will not be live-streamed so do come along in person.

Bric-a-brac is back! Saturday 22nd May 10am – 1pm, if you have items to sell please bring them on the morning. If you’re willing to run a tea/coffee/cake stall please contact Fr. Matthew.

Tea & Coffee return after services form Sunday 23rd May – please do contact Fr. Matthew if you would like to help serve / make the tea & coffee.  

Summer Rosary Mission. Over the summer Fr. Matthew wants to hit the streets of Hayes and offer people a rosary and prayer. If you’d like to be involved please let him know. He’s also trying to raise money to purchase 1000 rosaries and how-to booklets. 

Don’t forget to consider setting up regular giving with the Parish Giving Scheme. Call 0333 002 1271 with your bank details to hand and quote our Parish Code – 230 623 503 or visit