News for the Sunday of the Holy Family

News for the Sunday of the Holy Family

Happy New Year.

Turning over a new leaf.

When I was younger I remember thinking that we had to go our and find a leaf to turn over. I was irritated because I couldn’t write on the leaf and physically turn it over. So I made my own leaf and wrote on it all the things I was going to do that year.

I was going to be better behaved. I was going to stop ‘answering back’. I was going to be a better son. 

In many ways my behaviour in those years was born out of the fact my family was broken through divorce. I lived out the reality of hurt and pain that for years coloured my understanding of what a family was supposed to be. 

When people talked abut the perfect family I would laugh at them, “there’s no such thing”. Even though I went to chapel every week nobody ever told me we had the perfect model of  family before us all the time – The Holy Family. 

A model of motherly love, of fatherly sacrifice, of a family who held together in the darkness and for whom God (quite literally!) was a the centre of all things.

Our families are all different. They are broken in many ways, they are big and small, over the top, quiet, difficult, fun. Loud, noisy, difficult, quiet.  The Holy Family experienced all of these things and endured them. 

Sometimes that is what we must do as well. Endure. Be obedient and open to what God is calling us to do in our families and make sure above all things God is right in the heart of them. 

It doesn’t matter that we don’t always get it right, what matters is that God is there in the middle of it all. 

Then, when things do go wrong, there’s a chance that something beautiful may come out of it. 

Fr. Matthew


Other news

We are starting to run low of things in the Church Larder. We are in particular need of toothpaste and toothbrushes (individually wrapped please). We also need small packs of tea-bags and sugar and long-life milk.  

Please keep hold of your stamps for the RNIB Christmas Campaign, a box will soon appear in church.

For those watching online. I’m sorry for the recent sound issues. These were caused by a glitch in the Bluetooth Receiver and the way it was processing the music. I’ve now fixed it and the short periods of interference that impacted Christmas Day and Boxing Day should now be resolved.