News for the 9th & 16th April

News for the 9th & 16th April

Divine Mercy, Finding peace through mercy.

In the 1930’s a Polish nun called Sr. Faustina (now St. Faustina) experienced a series of visions of Jesus. Amongst her visions Jesus asked her to paint this very special image – an image of the Divine Mercy of God flowing from his Sacred Heart. 

Her visions were centred around Jesus bringing her to a place where she could see the mercy of God at work in the world around her. 

She wrote of her pain at her neighbours being badly treated, about their sufferings and how it physically hurt her. She prayed that their sufferings would fall on her, that she may in some way lessen their suffering in order to help them find a path to grace and peace. 

It is far from easy to love with a love so deep that it causes you physical pain when you see that person hurting. 

Some of us are lucky enough to have experienced a tiny portion of this love – the love we have for our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers – our husbands and wives. 

But what St. Faustina showed us is that Jesus wants us to love everyone with that much love. 

It is that love which must inspire us to try harder. To try harder to defend the weak, to feed the poor, to cloth the naked, to visit the prisoner, to lift up the wretched and say, ‘I love you!’ and to really mean it. 

St. Faustina gave us a gift,  a gift to see the power and depth of Jesus love for all of us. What do we do with that gift?

Fr. Matthew


Other News

Lots of changes to the schedule over the next two weeks as Fr. Matthew takes some leave and attends a conference in Rome. Fr. Josiah is in parish as usual and is easily contactable for any pastoral needs on the number on the front of the pew sheet.

An enormous thank you to all who made the church so pretty for Easter – particular thanks must go to Susan and Mary who did the flowers. 

Susan and Fr. Josiah are advancing plans for a new Sunday afternoon children’s service and club – 4pm to 6pm on the last Sunday of each month. The first service will be on the 30th April. If you’d like to be involved, please speak to Fr. Josiah.