News for Sunday 29th September

News for Sunday 29th September

Live to the world

This week our new webcam will go live to the world. Why does this matter?

I’ve been banging on about our new webcam for the last few weeks. I’m really very excited about it. I’m excited because it’s a practical outpouring of one of our three guiding principles;  those being 

  • Rooted in the Parish
  • Rooted in Scripture & Sacrament
  • Rooted in a Love of Proclaiming Christ

Our Love of Proclaiming Christ is a practical love of telling people about our faith. There are so many ways to do this. It can be a simple conversation about what you got up to on Sunday when you’re in the hairdressers. It can be a suggestion to a son or daughter that perhaps it’s time they returned to the church they were baptised in. It can be the holding of the hand of a friend who is sick and in need of comfort.

The webcam, when it goes live later this week, will enable our worship to form part of our proclamation of the Gospel. It will be broadcast around the world for those who have thought about coming to church but have been worried about what it is we do. It will allow people to download and watch sermons and teaching on scripture. It will allow people to join in who may otherwise not be able to come physically to church. 

Our love of Jesus will be made apparent to the whole world. That simple act is enough to change the world – because it is through our example that others will come to know Jesus. 

Tune in via the website this week as we proclaim Christ.

Fr. Matthew

Other notices & news

This weeks services will be disrupted as we have our new sound system and live webcam installed. You’ll notice very little change as we’re using the existing cables and speaker brackets to install everything – but on Monday and Tuesday engineers will be in church putting the new equipment in. As a result there are changes to the services and times. Please check the calendar

The APCM will take place after Mass on the 11th October. Please see the notice at the door. Nominations for Church Wardens, PCC Members, Deanery Synod Rep, Parish Secretary & Children’s Champion should be give to Fr. Matthew – forms at the door.

An informal revision of the Electoral Roll has taken place. A new list is posted at the front door. 

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