News for Sunday 17th May

News for Sunday 17th May

Thank you for getting in touch and letting us know how you and yours are getting on. Your clergy are here for you to help in whatever way we can. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if we can help. 

We are thrilled to be able to broadcast from our parish Church once again. 

The latest predictions are that nothing much will happen before July in terms of returning a congregation to Church in one way or another. 😰😰😰

The daily mass, offices and other devotions are offered for you and with you. Numbers watching vary from 250 to 700 and we know that they span from Barbados to Lugano to York to Hayes to Kenton. 

Being unable to receive the most Blessed Sacrament is the hardest thing for the devout soul. However The Good Shepherd will provide a pasture for his people. That moment of Spiritual Communion is an open and welcome heart saying YES to God, as Our Lady did, in a different way. 

This Sunday will see our May Devotion at 4pm. Evening Prayer with devotions and a short  webcast homily from Fr Harri Williams the Vicar of Walsingham, who was due to preach for us before the lockdown. Let us honour our Patron in her month of May. 

We then have Ascension Day  to celebrate. As a youngster it was always great to have time off from school to go to Mass on this great day. But more seriously, Ascension sees the culmination in the earthly ministry of Our Lord. ‘He who came down to earth from heaven’ now returns to the throne from whence he came. 
But He promises not to leave the apostles desolate. They will NOT be left alone…

This week we are grateful to receive the ACAT Monthly Newsletter which we attach below.

We can only hope and pray that we will meet together soon. We miss you so much. However please remember St Augustine’s words  ‘ we are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song.’

Please pray for each other and for us your unworthy servants. 

Fr. Edward.