News for October 2nd

News for October 2nd

Welcome! This week we welcome Fr. Josiah and his wonderful family.

It is a rare thing to be able to welcome a new Priest into a parish – never mind a parish that already has a Priest!

But the Hillingdon Deanery, the Diocese of London and the people of this parish have worked hard to build on the tiny flame of hope and love that they see burning in Hayes. Fr. Josiah (and additional cash investment) is our attempt at fanning that tiny flame into a burning inferno. 

Fr. Josiah will join Susan, myself and you in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in Hayes – in word and in deed. 

He will enable us to work and concentrate in specific areas of need – like the Red Brick Estate – and to show people that there is a home for them here at St. Anselm’s. 

He will bring a new perspective, new energy, and new ideas. We must be ready to listen to him and what the Holy Spirit is saying through him.

We must be ready to be challenged.

You’ll see changes to the daily and weekly schedule in the coming weeks (the most obvious being the launch of our weekly 8am BCP Mass). So take a fresh look at how you engage with church and listen afresh to God and what He is calling you to.

Fr. Matthew


Other News

No 10am Parish Mass this Sunday as we will be coming together at 4pm to celebrate and welcome our new Priest!

2nd October at 4pm – we will be licensing and commissioning Fr. Josiah into St. Anselm at a special service of Evening Prayer & Benediction with Bishop Jonathan & Bishop Lusa. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to provide food and help.

This Sunday we start a new 8am Book of Common Prayer Mass. It’s a beautiful spoken service with no hymns – just the beautiful language and prayer of the Prayer Book. We’ll be looking to make this a regular service (along with Evening Prayer & Benediction) as Fr. Josiah gets more settled.

With our new organist starting we need to look to our giving.  Strictly speaking we can’t afford Alexander, but we step out in faith and I know that you will look to increase your weekly giving to enjoy his amazing music here at St. Anselm. A small increase of £2.50 will enable us to continue to have live music on a Sunday morning.