News for 8th August

News for 8th August


Facing darkness 

We can often think that the Saints are so far removed from our lives. They are heroes from a remote time, from a different place, from a different reality. 

Yes, they have lots to teach us, but their heroic sacrifices and displays of faith are simply too lost in the mist of time to be relevant to us today.

In thinking this we miss the modern Saints. Those who have come before us whose shining example of faith and love will leave us floored and crying. 

We have two such Saints to consider this week. St. Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) and St. Maximilian Kolbe. 

Both these amazing people are not remote to us – they are very real – both being deeply involved with events in the 20th Century. Saints we have photos and videos of. Saints we can see and almost touch.

St. Benedica was a Christian convert from a large Jewish family in Poland. She became a nun in the Carmel Order and given the political situation in Germany at the time she was moved to a convent in Holland. 

When the Nazis invaded Holland she, along with her sister, was arrested and sent to Auschwitz where she died in 1942. 

St. Maximilian also found himself at Auschwitz. Also from Poland he was ordained Priest in 1918 and set about promoting dedication to Our Lady in that country. He founded monasteries in Japan and India and when war came to Poland he staid to open a hospital. He was arrested because he would not surrender to the German authorities and their ideals. 

He ultimately gave his life in the place of a Jewish man with a family. He died a slow painful death in place of another. 

These stories are real, they are not remote. They inspire us to be heroes in our day.

Fr. Matthew  


Other news

Thank you to Fr. Nigel Palmer for covering the mass last Sunday, he did a wonderful job and we look forward to welcoming him here again soon.

On Tuesday evening we will be welcoming Fr. John Mothersole back into the church he loved so much. His body will be received at Evening Prayer and will lie in church overnight. His funeral mass will be at 10am on Wednesday morning and will be taken by Bishop Michal Colclough. Refreshments will be served afterwards in the church hall. 

Congratulations to the bric-a-brac team with another wonderful Saturday morning and £30 raised for church funds! Thank you all for your sterling effort and hard work. It’s wonderful to have the church open on Saturdays. The next sale will be on August 29th. 

Next Sunday is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To celebrate this most special of days there will be extra treats (fizzy treats!) after Parish Mass and also Evening Prayer and Benediction at 6pm. Do consider inviting a friend along.