News for 7th March

News for 7th March

Worn out.

How much longer must we wait? 

This week we had the wonderful reading from Genesis giving us the first few chapters of the story of Joseph. (Genesis 37). It’s worth going back when you have a moment this week and reading the whole story (Genesis 37-46).

It is a story where you can easily imagine Joseph asking the question ‘how much more of this can I take?’. 

First he was sold into slavery by jealous brothers, then he was put in prison for a crime he did not commit – but each time Joseph managed to turn the bad into good. 

He took the evil that others had done to him and made it good.

When he was sold into slavery he ultimately become the chief servant in the house of Potiphar. 

When he was accused by Potiphar’s wife of taking advantage of her (although the situation was really the other way around) he found himself in prison where he was put in charge of the other prisoners because ‘the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love’. 

Finally he interprets the dreams of two supposed enemies of the Pharaoh and those interpretations turn out to be true. 

He is called to serve the Pharaoh and again he does’t just serve but becomes second only to the Pharaoh himself. 

In each of these situations it would have been easy for Joseph to give up, to let his faith fly away, to give into dejection and despair. 

But his resilience and steadfast love of God got him through some very very difficult times – and that steadfast love and that same resilience that is a product of that love can get us through this hard time.

All will be well. 

Fr. Matthew


Other News

We continue to clean the church each Saturday at 11am – with lots of people it doesn’t take long and the really big clean has now happened – we just need to keep on top of the dust.

The building work is continuing really well with new walls now up for the kitchen and toilet, the toilet will be available upon special request on Sunday.

Children will be back serving at the altar on Mothering Sunday – March 14th! Please make a special effort to come and encourage them.

Don’t forget to consider setting up regular giving with the Parish Giving Scheme. Call 0333 002 1271 with your bank details to hand and quote our Parish Code – 230 623 503