News for 7th January

News for 7th January

Notices for this week

There will be an announcement at Mass this Sunday.

If you would like to read at Church on Sunday Mornings please be in touch with Susan Chick. We’ve loved hearing from new people and hearing new languages. There is a rota on the display board at the back of church to sign up. 

Sunday School returns for the new year NEXT week (14th). We’re so grateful to our volunteers but it would be really helpful for others to help out. If you’ve got ideas on more we can be doing to encourage children to be a fuller member of our family, please be in touch with Fr. Josiah or Susan Chick. 

Fr. Matthew will be offering home blessings this coming week as we celebrate Epiphany. If you would like your home blessed please be in touch with him directly or use the sign up sheet at the back of church. 

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Readings for Sunday.