News for 5th January

News for 5th January

Healing & wholeness.

It’s no surprise that many of us feel under the weather at this time of year. The cold weather is still with us, the sun isn’t quite warming things up yet and is still taking too long to appear in the mornings – yet disappears far to early of an evening.

We are tired, we are worn out, we many not even be able to put a finger on quite what is wrong with us.

Of course sometimes we know exactly what is wrong with us – a sore throat, a bad leg, poor eyesight and an aching back.

When these things assault us we turn to the medicine cupboard and reach for the pills, the solutions, the badges and special wraps that keep us going day by day.

These are good and important things, but there is a deeper hurt, a deeper pain, a deeper wrongness that can affect how we feel day to day.

It’s difficult to put a name to, but it can pull us down and in doing so make our physical woes harder to bare, harder to heal.

It’s this deep hurt and pain that our service of Benediction and Healing will address on Sunday evening. 

There will be a quiet hour where we’ll sit in from of the Blessed Sacrament and ask Jesus to heal us.

We’ll gather and Fr. Matthew & Fr. Josiah will lay on hands and pray for healing for specific needs.

We’ll be anointed with oil from the Holy Land and will reach out to God in prayer – to ask that the deep hurts we feel are cured. That they are made bearable.

Come, be healed.

Fr. Matthew


Other News

PCC meeting on the 5th February (this Sunday) immediately after mass – to include a special meeting for appointing Fr. Matthew as Vicar.

There will be a special service of Benediction and Healing on Sunday (15th) at 6pm – with anointing and laying on of hands for healing using oil from the Holy Land.

Alpha continues to run on Thursday evening and for the next 10 weeks. If you’re interested, or know someone who you think may find it helpful, given them a flyer or point them to our website at

The foodbank is still in serious need of help. Last week we looked after over 89 families and each week we are being cleared of food. Please do donate any spare tins you may have

Our new coffee bike is now in place alongside our new cafe area. We’ll be advertising shortly for somebody to come and run the cafe on our behalf for a set daily fee – if you know of anyone who may be interested please speak to Fr. Matthew.