News for 27th March

News for 27th March

Holy habits, pilgrimage.  

It may seem odd to think of pilgrimage as a Holy Habit. It’s very unlike the things we talked about last week – small, gentle, prods that encourage us to think about Jesus in our day to day lives.

But… over the years I’ve found regular pilgrimage to be a life giving source of understanding and questioning on my journey with Christ.

I tend to go on pilgrimage with my dear brother Fr. Sam Cross – who we heard from in this week’s lent course (which you can watch again on our website if you missed it). 

We have been all over the world together and in those travels have been consistently surprised at how the holy spirit seeks us out and shows us something new in our relationship with Christ.

The act of pilgrimage is one of body, mind, and soul. It is a deliberate act – to take yourself out of your current surrounds and life and to open your ears to what God may be saying to you.

Pilgrimage is as much an act of mental travel as it is physical, and so if you’re unable to travel you can still go on pilgrimage – in your mind. 

Take your soul out of the every day. Take your mind away from the worries of the day, of the week, of the year; and let them hear afresh the voice of God in your life. 

We’ll be travelling to Walsingham on pilgrimage later this year, if you’re interested in helping organise it do let me know.

Fr. Matthew


Other news

This Sunday is Mothering Sunday. A day where we traditionally travel home to our families and visit our Mother Church, the church in which we were baptised. We can’t all do that and so we celebrate our homes – and at the heart of our homes are our mothers. So come this Sunday and celebrate, pray for, give thanks and perhaps even lament our Mothers and the women of our lives who make us who we are.

Our Lent Course – Holy Habits – continues on Thursday (31st). This week you’ll be hearing about the Holy Habit of Gratitude. You can take part in person on Thursday mornings after mass (with a lent lunch served afterwards) or online on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm. More details on the website –

Lent is a very good time to make your first confession. If you’ve not come to confession before, or if you’re worried about how it works and what it is for – please speak to
Fr. Matthew. 

Please note changes to the office and mass times on Monday and Tuesday.